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Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas, Lucite Specific Router Bits

Find router bits designed to produce super clean, smooth cuts especially in acrylic materials, plastic, Plexiglas, Lucite, and wood at Cutting Tools Illinois aka General Cutting Tools in Chicago, Illinois.  These router bits include a special carbide grade, very high tolerance grinding and a unique carbide polishing process.

Solid Carbide Acrylic ‘O’ Flute Slow Spiral Router Bits
These tools provide smooth finish in acrylic materials, and both soft and hard plastics.

Plastic Cutting Solid Carbide ‘O’ Flute Router Bits
New solid carbide tools with unique circular ‘O’ flute design to eject chips more easily.  Single flute for fast cutting in soft plastics such as PVC, styrene, ABS, etc.

Plastic Cutting Carbide Tipped Router Bits
These router bits are for fast cutting in harder more abrasive plastics such as phenolic resin, acrylic, etc.

Abrasive Type Plunge Diamond Pattern Solid Carbide Router Bits
This bit is designed especially for cutting fiberglass, tile and other highly abrasive materials.  Works well on epoxies made with carbon, glass and composite materials.  Its diamond pattern cutting edges have up cut and down cut angles to grind through the work.  They cut evenly in all directions.

Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Material Flush Trim Solid Carbide Router Bits
Used in the boat and RV industry to trim laminated fiberglass boards.  These router bits cut fast and clean.

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