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New Ingersoll Chip-Surfer Tips Illinois

Ingersoll along with Cutting Tools Illinois aka General Cutting Tools  has added two new tips to it’s popular Chip-Surfer line.  The economical indexable solid carbide tips overcome the skyrocketing price of solid carbide tooling by replacing only the used portion of the tool. The shank can be used over and over again.  Chip-Surfer’s new Toroidal finishing tip (on the right) features six flutes for increased feed rate. It also has a constant diameter, which overcomes one of the primary challenges of ball nose milling – ball nose feed rates approach zero at the axis of the cutter.  A backdraft angle alleviates side pressure thereby reducing the potential for chatter.

The Hi-Feed Chip-Surfer tip (left) features a large, sweeping radius on the nose which directs cutting forces up through the Z-axis.  When applying this tip at a .015″ – .040″ DoC, the chip thinning design gives the tool hi-feed capabilities up to 5x that of a standard ball nose design. A strong corner radius and an OD backdraft angle alleviates radial pressure in the corners.

The precision simultaneous fit adaption allows +/- .0005″ repeatability when changing tips.

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