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New Deep Hole Drills Illinois

Ingersoll Cutting Tools with Cutting Tools Illinois aka General Cutting Tools have released a new premium line of BTA deep hole drilling products.

The comprehensive line includes indexable, cartridge and brazed styles from 500″ to 9.600″ diameter as well as BTA reamers for complete deep hole applications of up to 100:1 L:D ratios.  Indexable styles are equipped with new generation positive geometry inserts resulting in reduced cutting forces and better chip control. All inserts are available in Ingersoll’s time-tested drilling grade, IN2005. Both single and double tubes are available for all indexable and brazed heads.

A hole tolerance of H7 is attainable in a single pass with surface finishes as good as 32 RMS. Hole straightness of .001″/foot can easily be achieved.  Ingersoll’s BTA line features economical Diameter Plus kits containing cartridges and guide pads which can add up to .200″ to your drill diameter.  Ingersoll can also provide pressure heads, CNC coolant adapters as well as complete coolant systems to meet customer requirements. Custom engineered BTA-style tools are available on request.

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