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Ingersoll Matrix Automated Tool Management Illinois

Control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs with Ingersoll’s tool dispenser, tool vending machine by General Cutting Tools in Chicago, Illinois. MATRIX combines the most innovative automated tool dispenser on the market with MATRIX-TM – our powerful tool management software. MATRIX con store hundreds of different stock items in…
•••ONE COMPACT CABINET!Ingersoll cutting tools chicago illinois - General Cutting Tools
AND, with the introduction of MATRIX Series 4, take advantage of these exciting new features.

State-of-the-ART Control System
• Virtual intelligence – Any change in drawer configuration is automatically recognized and reprogrammed
• Comprehensive remote and self-diagnostics for less down-time
• The latest control processors and SMT technology
• 50% less electronic components
• Fully ROHS compliant – environmentally friendly
• MATRIX-TM software enhancements

MATRIX Versatility
Ingersoll Matrix tooling vending machineFlexibility is the key to any storage solution, and MATRIX excels, MATRIX offers a variety of drawer and bin configurations for large or small items that can be swapped in or out. Add-on cabinets are connected with a click of a cable. Multiple cabinets (can be deployed in different locations and networked to run off one common database. MATRIX is a truly modular system that grows with you as your needs change.

MATRIX Efficiency
• Sloped back ergonomic design for easy viewing of stored items
• Computer and electronic components are accessible from the front
• Easy to transport
• Manual override – so your production never stops even in cases of power failure
• Bar code reader for quick and reliable issuing

MATRIX Security
Access to MATRIX is electronically controlled by the management software according to predefined authorizations. Each drawer and bin is locked to prevent unauthorized use.

MATRIX Intelligence
• Dual locking system
• Large touch screen
• Plug & play “smart” electronics
• Ergonomic design
• Remote diagnostics

MATRIX-TM Software

MATRIX-TM is a state of the art full featured software package


Each MATRIX comes standard with innovative software modules that enable you to control your entire stock of tools efficiently and reliably.

MANAGE – The tool management brain of the MATRIX-TM system.

TOUCH – An easy to use Touch Screen driven application which lets the user issue, return and maintain items stored in a MATRIX dispenser.

Series 4 MATRIX-TM Software Enhancements
• SAP interface
• Powerful search engine – by text, image or product application
• Connectivity to external warehouses and multiple sites
• RFID compatible
• New advanced reports to improve supply chain management, reduce spending and increase productivity

Drive Down Costs
• Cut your tool inventory and management costs
• Manage multiple sites
• Regulate user access to items by authorization, groups and budgets
• Easy to use – fast learning curve
• Reduce down time – the sophisticated planning engine ensures that needed items will be at the point of use on time
• Reporting tools to drive down production costs
• Suits small organizations as well as larger enterprises

A Host of Benefits

MATRIX-TM Features
• Full transaction history, by item, employee and cost code
• Consumption statistics for better planning and cost reduction analysis
• Automatic calculation of reorder points and purchasing
• Multiple language user interface
• Kit management to issue lists of items
• Attach photos and documents to items
• Manage items for rework
• Create reports and graphs that can also be viewed by Excel or your favorite web browser
• Create and schedule reports in a variety of formats like (XLS,XML, CSV, and PDF) that can be emailed, filed or used as a tool for integration with other systems
• Database Administrator tool
• MATRIX-TM developed with latest technologies using Microsoft Net 2005 Visual Studio
• ERP integration including SAP

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